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Understanding Legal Malpractice Cases

The United States is a nation that upholds all laws, and individuals need to be compensated if their lawyer’s unethical conduct causes them to lose the recovery for their losses. This assists in preserving the integrity of our legal system.

DJ Chapman Law, P.C. represents clients bringing civil claims against attorneys who have acted negligently or unethically. Our founding attorney David Chapman, focuses his practice on representing several types of malpractice plaintiffs in court, so he understands what constitutes legal malpractice at a deep level. He is a member of the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility and the Association for Professional Responsibility Lawyers.

Essential Components Of Legal Malpractice Lawsuits

Legal malpractice suits can be particularly challenging to pursue because they are not predicated simply on a case not going your way. A plaintiff in a legal malpractice suit must prove:

  1. That an attorney-client relationship existed and the attorney owed the client a duty to represent them properly.
  2. The attorney breached this duty by acting negligently; examples of negligence can include failure to meet a filing deadline, failure to meet the statute of limitations for a legal action requested by the client, mixing account trust funds with their own personal funds, or misapplying the law to their client’s case.
  3. That the attorney’s negligence was the reason the client lost the underlying case.
  4. The client has suffered financial losses as a result of losing the underlying case due to their attorney’s negligent actions.

Mr. Chapman will review your underlying case and your claims against your attorney and provide you with a realistic assessment of your chances of prevailing in your malpractice lawsuit. If you have a viable case, he will pursue compensation with vigor and help you recover from the damage that your original lawyer caused.

When Attorneys Need Attorneys

While Mr. Chapman cannot defend lawyers accused of legal malpractice in court, he is available to assist attorneys facing ethics or other disciplinary complaints before the State Bar Association of North Dakota. He brings more than 20 years of legal experience and a unique understanding of the ethical aspects of lawyering to the table. From our home office in Fargo, we represent other attorneys throughout North Dakota.

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