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Disclaimer Concerning Client Statements:

Past results gained in individual cases do not serve as a prediction of future success in your particular case. Each case is different. Even good cases and good lawyers can fail because of the many different variables involved in reaching a decision.

The following statements do not indicate any chance of success in your particular case and are not intended to do so. The following statements are only intended to provide insight into how clients feel personally about dealing with the firm. Your case will depend not only upon the skill and effort of the firm but also upon the facts, the law and variables completely outside the control of the firm.

No client should hire a lawyer based upon any representation of past results and the firm will not take any client under the belief that our past work for other clients indicates we will achieve success in your particular case.

DJ Chapman Law does believe that potential clients would be interested in knowing more about our client’s experiences in working with the firm on a personal basis. We provide professional and skilled service and that is all these statements are intended to convey. In no way are these statements intended to convey that the firm somehow is better than other lawyers, can achieve results other lawyers could not, or that the firm has any ability to influence any tribunal, legislative body or another public official. Your particular case is dependent on its particular facts and the law. The firm only intends to convey that it will present your case in a competent and professional manner.

The following are provided as illustrations and testaments to the professional efforts of the firm in the specific client’s case only.

“David Chapman has served as my company’s immigration lawyer since 1999. David has provided us professional assistance in some very complex immigration issues that were very important to us at NetHertz. His professional services have been greatly appreciated.”

Sanjay C. Patel, President
NetHertz Corporation

“David Chapman and DJ Chapman Law have assisted our company in several cases. The creative assistance and hard work of the firm have been greatly appreciated.”

Vinod Himatsinghani
Jade Technologies, Inc.

“David Chapman took my case on appeal before the Administrative Appeals Office. Mr. Chapman assisted us in addressing our appeal issues. The assistance of his firm was greatly appreciated”

Perry Weisberg, Vice President of Sales
Bourgault Industries
Government Denial Reversed On Appeal

“David Chapman served as my immigration lawyer between 2007 and 2009. I was the victim of an abusive husband in the Middle East and the culture and system that assisted him in his abuse by treating me as a second class citizen. Having Mr. Chapman as the champion of our cause before the immigration authorities was greatly appreciated. Having a lawyer on my side made me less fearful of the legal system.”

Name Withheld to Protect the Client’s Safety
Asylee Fleeing Abusive Husband in the Middle East
Asylum Case Approved

DJ Chapman Law is proud to have represented a varied list of clients from many representative sectors. Like many other firms and lawyers, DJ Chapman Law has assisted our educational sector in building up America’s already remarkable base of intelligent instructors, has helped our business sector secure fine talent, and has aided individuals to be reunited with family or to avoid persecution. DJ Chapman Law is proud of its contributions to the American immigration landscape and to the legal profession. DJ Chapman Law looks forward with ever increasing confidence to a bright future for our nation of immigrants.