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Immigration Help For Individuals And Families

Coming to the United States, becoming a citizen or bringing a relative here is like a dream for many people. America is the land of opportunity and freedom. However, working with the immigration system is extremely complicated and challenging. Immigration laws often change, and there are new legal proposals on the table all the time for further change.

You should not be afraid or embarrassed if you don’t understand the immigration law system. That is why there are immigration lawyers. At DJ Chapman Law, P.C., we bring more than 20 years of legal experience and unique knowledge in the challenges of immigration law. From our home office in Fargo, North Dakota, we can help you reach your immigration goals.

“I came to the United States in 1992 to go to law school and start a new life here. As an immigrant myself, I understand your desires and the challenges you are facing in the U.S. immigration system. I can help you.”

–Attorney David Chapman

Bringing A Relative To The United States

Many different familial relationships will be allowed for benefits under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The categories of benefits are divided into two main types:

Immediate Relatives

If you are a U.S. citizen, you can be a green card sponsor to bring an immediate relative to the United States. An immediate relative can be:

  • Your spouse
  • Your unmarried child (if that child is less than 21 years old)
  • Your parent (if you are more than 21 years old)

Immediate relatives get priority in the immigration system. At DJ Chapman Law, P.C., we can help you bring your family together.

Preference Relatives

If you are not a full U.S. citizen but hold a green card, you can petition to be a sponsor to bring a spouse or an unmarried child to the United States. We can help you in this regard.

Other Immigration Issues

We also represent clients coming to the United States for work or business purposes, seeking asylum, seeking deferred action or seeking full citizenship in the United States. The challenges of the immigration system in the U.S. are very real, but at DJ Chapman Law, P.C., you will find a lawyer who can deal with those challenges with you and help you make your dreams come true.

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